Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Stadiums

This is the view of the two Yankee Stadiums from my 10th floor window. Few people realize just how close I live to the house of Yanks, or how I can hear every game broadcast live in real surround sound from my living room. It makes watching home games through my TiVO a pain, since I can hear the crowd react (favorably or, more recently, unfavorably) seconds before the DVR's buffer catches up. I didn't have a wide enough camera lens to fit both stadiums completely in the same frame, or to use zoom at all. But below are two separate pictures of first the old, then the new stadium:

The house that Ruth built is starting to fill up for today's game against the Blue Jays. At night, those large stadium lights on top come right into my bedroom. Good thing for window blinds!

The house that Steinbrenner built is still under construction, though the basic shell and main levels have been completed. As you can tell, I won't have as good a view when the Yanks move to their new location in April of 2009. Worse yet, the buildings between me and the new stadium won't block out the lights -- so it might actually be *brighter* in my apartment this time. Argh!!!

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