Monday, September 29, 2008

My Celeb Crushes (100% Approved By the Federal Board of Lisa)

Lisa and I got into a discussion about who I thought was the hottest celeb out there. After much debate, we both agreed that, of course, Rihanna was the very definition of HOT!!! And I have to say, this is my number 1 crush right now. I mean, damn . . . that Chris Brown is one LUCKY fella! :-)

However, the number 2 spot proved to be the more difficult dilemma. Lisa had her own opinions, but for me it's a tough choice between these two gorgeous actresses:


She's the hottie from that terrible Transformers movie that came out last summer. Hated the film, but took a major shine to this gal. Knowing my tastes, it's not hard to figure out why. The long, dark hair is pretty much a done deal in my book. The eyes, too. In fact, I think this is the one thing all three of my celeb crushes have in common: bewitching eyes. In this one category, Megan perhaps has them all beat. And yet I still can't make up my mind . . .


She's been in a few more things than Ms. Fox, but Olivia first came to my attention last season on the hit FOX show, House. I love this show, and Olivia's addition to the cast only made it that much easier to tune in every week (not that I wouldn't, anyway). As with Megan, it's easy to see what I like about this one. Olivia's not a natural brunette, but it's the look she identifies herself with the most. And I have to agree. She's pretty as her natural blond, but way hotter as a darker hue. Oh, and I *love* angular faces, so she has that going for her and then some!

*sigh* Why must life be plagued with such difficult decisions?

Anyway, as much as I suspect Olivia Wilde is probably the least bitchy of the two (and definitely the better actress), my vote for number 2 on my list has to go to Megan. She's more the sultry brunette, which drives me crazy. Funny thing is, Lisa agrees with me. Although she really likes Olivia on House.

But we still remain adamant that Rihanna, if she swung that way, would be very welcomed in our, er, well . . . never mind. We'll keep that part private. :-)

And yes, Lisa and I have crazy conversations like this once in a while -- all in good fun! Don't get it twisted, as the kids say.

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