Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do You Remember The Time?

On one of the gaming message boards I frequent, someone asked what was our earliest memory in life. Up until now I always thought I was the weird one for being able to remember my first birthday party. But apparently a few other people did as well. How strange!

To be fair, it's not like I have complete recall of that fateful day in the late 70s. :-) It's only one specific moment I remember exactly. It was getting late, the apartment was crowded with adults, and I just wanted to be left alone with my toy car someone had given me that day. I remember the car was green and silver, and that it reminded me of a pack of Wrigley's spearmint gum. I didn't know that it was called that, just that gum was yummy! Of course, I ask myself now: why on Earth was my mother allowing me to chew gum at so young an age? But I guess it was a 70s thing. Mothers didn't worry themselves over such pithy concerns back then (ha, ha).

Anyway, my memory involves me crawling under the kitchen table and hiding behind the large tablecloth so that no one could see me there. It was like my own little hideout! Once there, I alternated between rolling the toy car on the floor and sticking it in my mouth to see if it would magically turn into chewing gum somehow. I don't recall falling asleep, but my grandmother would tell me years later than they found me curled up under the table with the toy grasped in my hands.

Funny thing is, I've always been the type of person who needs his solitude. Even to this day I usually find excuses to "disappear" at parties or large gatherings. It's just funny to think that this is a trait that might have been programmed into me from birth.

Weird, huh?

The pic above is of me getting ready to get my special birthday bath (in the sink, no less!). Below are some more pics of me in my birthday clothes post-bath.

(My grandma feeding me what I think is a cookie. Or maybe it's birthday cake.)

(Walking about greeting people.)

(Me and my uncle, my father's youngest brother.)

So tell me, what was YOUR earliest memory?


  1. My sons are huge gaming geeks. Love the photos - my earliest memory is giving up the bottle - Mom bribed me. I remember.

    My husband and I took our oldest to Paris last spring, my husband and I went the year before too.

    Never had a problem but then my husband is pretty good with languages - he speaks five and was able to fake it - while I said oui and bonjour monsieur and excuse moi and I had them fooled ;-)

    You'll have a fabuleux or fantastiquex time. Use this
    ”Translation tool”

  2. Hi Kim - Thanks for visiting!

    So I see your memories start early as well. It's amazing what sticks in our heads and what doesn't, eh?

    Oh, and thanks for the tips again! I speak Mandarin and some Spanish, and will also try my hand at a little French before we go. So I won't be wandering completely lost, I hope. I'm sure I'm needlessly worrying over what will no doubt be a wonderful time. We're very excited.

  3. omg, how cute were you?
    and you're scaring me with such
    an early memory. i always tell myself, oh, the bubs won't remember that anyway. yikes! haha!!

    hmm..mine is probably when i'm 3 or 4. in our first home in taiwan. i helped my mom to bring some food to my dad in the living room and i spilled it. i was very upset about it. not sure if my dad yelled at me! not a happy memory!

    oh, a happy one is picking out my favorite stuffed animal from a big bin of the same ones in taipei with my mom. =)

    i wonder if i made these memories up? oh, since you speak mandarin :

    ni xiao shi hou hao ke ai! =D

  4. xie-xie ni! ni zhongwen mingzi shi shenme? Wo jiao 'bei zhi-long'. Shi wo hao pengyou gei wo de.

    Ha-ha, btw it's been ages since I've written pinyin, so I apologize for the rough edges. :-)

    It's amazing what sticks in our heads at such an early age. You would think it would be the big events, but like you pointed out sometimes it something little and innocent like picking a toy out that sticks with us.

    So yeah, I can only imagine what the bubs earliest memories will be when they're old enough to think far back.

  5. Man, I have so many memories from when I was still a baby my memory timeline is jacked. I gotta say though I'm pretty sure the earliest memory is the NYC blackout in '77. I remember my mom went to the supermarket to get food and I was riding in the shopping cart on the way to the store. I thought that shit was so much fun. I wondered why the store was dark and it was daytime. A lot of people were running. Naturally, I didn't know it was a blackout and cats were looting.

  6. I don't have any memory of the blackout (happened before I was even 1 yrs old), but I was told that my mother was stuck on a subway train with me when it happened. I wonder if I was scared? My grandmother says I didn't cry, but she wasn't there personally at the time.


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