Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seriously, WTF?

Because Hollywood can't seem to come up with actual new ideas these days, more news that TPTB are not content to leave my cherished 80s memories intact. The Hollywood Reporter revealed today details to remake the 1985 cult hit, The Last Dragon. Originally conceived and produced by Motown head honcho extraordinaire, Berry Gordy, the film was about a young martial artist living in Harlem who seeks ultimate harmony with his art by obtaining the title of "The Last Dragon." Standing in his way to obtaining this coveted goal is Sho'nuff, the self-proclaimed "Shogun of Harlem," played by the late Julius Carry. It's camp, to be sure, but it was a good, fun flick for its time.

The Reporter also announced that Sam Jackson was in likely talks to portray the character of Sho'nuff this time around, with no word yet on who would play the lead. I hope like the original they get an unknown, real martial artist. Because this will be a modern update, I'm sure they'll eventually go with a mixed martial artist. I'm plenty sick of the whole MMA craze that has been sweeping the nation as of late, but this is the way things are today so I can't complain too loudly. I'd rather they'd get a gong-fu practitioner, though I'd settle for the ubiquitous Taekwondo since it is flashier on film. Capoeira would be ideal, imo, and would more easily incorporate into Brazilian jujitsu if they plan to go the MMA route.

I'm not so sure how happy I am to see Sam in the role. Although, on second thought, I guess he really is the best candidate for what is essentially a loud-mouthed, over-the-top caricature (on purpose). I just wish they left the movie alone to begin with. It's a cult classic for a reason--i.e., it doesn't NEED to be remade!

This update is set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Motown Records' founding, with Berry Gordy's son, Kerry, onboard as one of the producers, and RZA co-producing. Well, at least we know the music will be tight!

I leave you now with a clip of the campy, but oh so fantastic, nostalgia that is one of my favorite 80s movies, The Last Dragon:


  1. Why? Why?! WHY?!!! Why do they need to fuck with my shit?! Who ever is behind this shit needs to get lynched. I'm not joking. The very nature of this film forbids a damn remake. Bad enough these industry assholes want to mess up their own classics, now they feel the need to fuck with my childhood classics. You know they gonna fuck this up! There is NO way they CAN"T fuck this up. This is ripe with fuck uppery! And I swear if they get some white or any other color of person other than Black to play Leroy I'm leading a damn protest raid on the studio and the production. I will ruin they shit! Fuck outta here! You do NOT remake this! I mean, Julius Carry JUST died! JUST! I don't care WHO you get to fill the part he played PERFECTLY, they are going to FUCK IT UP! I like Sam but really, fuck Sam Jackson for even considering this shit. I mean, if by some miracle they pull this off, I'll recant. But as of right now, this is just making me sick.

  2. I don't know . . . my cynical side reads into the article that it's really the Gordys that are behind this push to remake it. And the other producer involved, too. I have a hard time believing there are any fans of the movie that are in real power in Hollywood to have come up with this plan.

    But, yeah, this so obviously doesn't need a remake. That's like remaking Big Trouble In Little China. Something so classically 80s would only lose its charm if translated into today's sensibilities.

  3. You know what? I was so upset at this news that I didn't realize I didn't check the damn link to the article. They have a golden opportunity to make a sequel but a remake is so stupid. THAT would be a great addition to the legacy of this movie. Bring Taimak back but this time as the master with his own protege. Come up with a different bad guy. Sam would be good as some other antagonist in this, but reprising Sho'Nuff is just stupid.


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