Friday, October 31, 2008

What Being Married Has Taught Me

I've been married to Lisa for only 3 years now, but in that time I've learned valuable lessons to help keep our marriage happy, safe -- and me alive. Some of these are obvious; others took getting hitched to discover. All of these are unique to me, so others might have a different list. And of course, given another 3 years, I'm sure it will change.

For now tho, here are the top 10 things a stupid husband can be made to learn:

10) Flowers are nice on special occasions, but go over a lot better on ordinary days when she's not expecting them.

09) No, she's not always right. But that doesn't mean you need to point it out whenever she's wrong.

08) You don't really need to say something appropriate when she's feeling blue. Sometimes just being a shoulder to cry on is better than words.

07) You may hate her parents. Hell, *she* might hate them, too. But don't ever intimate that your own parents are any better.

06) No matter the clothes you wear, the gifts you give, or how you look in the buff -- sometimes just engaging her in deep, meaningful conversation is the biggest turn on.

05) Just because she's an independent minded, free spirited, modern day woman doesn't mean you can't hold the door open for her or pay the check at a restaurant (even if you have a joint back account). Sometimes it's the sentiment that matters most.

04) No matter how loud the argument, or egregious the infraction, saying: "I'm sorry, I was stupid. You were right" doesn't actually make things all better. But it sure does go a long way.

03) Sometimes the best date nights are spent at home on a rainy day, snuggled up together on the couch, eating leftovers, and watching a movie "for free".

02) Despite popular belief, women don't actually want to marry their fathers. So don't act like hers.

01) Because nothing says "I love you" better than . . . keeping the checkbook balanced and the accounts debt-free.

Naturally this list might read a lot different once we have kids. :)

Or will it?

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  1. Good list. Very good. I never did learn #9 too well. Too much of my father's assholery in me. I'll be working on that one my entire life. #4 has got to be the most poignant yet simply common point on here. Some shit just has to ride out. And I'm lovin' #1. I have to meet a woman who can maintain that one. You better than me on that one.


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