Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Bloody Game . . .

Was busy with writerly duties over the weekend, so I didn't get to crack this game open until tonight. Phew! -- what a gruesome beast this Gears of War 2 is shaping up to be. I've only played through the first two chapters, but already I'm loving all the bloody disgusting mayhem I'm raining down on these bastard Locust hordes! And even though I played the first game 2 years ago, I wasn't rusty one bit! The game takes place roughly 6 months after the first, but really in terms of design, engine, and control mechanics it is the exact same experience. Of course the story is different, and the battles so far are more intense (if strangely easier). But, yeah, I'm in love!

For those not familiar with the series, Gears of War takes place on the fictional world of Sera, where humanity has occupied for a thousand years in what they thought was solitude. Lo and behold there was a literal underground civilization deep beneath their feet just waiting for the day to launch a surprise attack on the surface and take back control of the planet. When the veritable shit eventually did hit the fan--called "E-day," the day the Locust forces emerged from out of the ground--humanity was caught severely off guard. Now, 15 years later, most of the human cities of Sera lie in ruin. Locust hordes are getting stronger and more aggressive. The only thing standing between them and total annihilation of mankind is the human Cog Army. Soldiers are called "gears" in this army, and of course your main character, Marcus Fenix, is in charge of a small specialized recon group called Delta Squad.

The rest is pure runnin and gunnin at its best!

Anyone else out there love this series? Are you playing it right this very minute? I'm tempted to call in sick tomorrow and just spend an entire day kicking pale Locust ass all over the map! But of course I won't. I'll probably play this off and on until Thanksgiving break, when I can devote a lot more time and probably finish the game. In the meantime, I'm knee deep doing a finishing polish on several older stories, revising a couple of recent ones, and planning the plot details for a brand new story or two to be written between now and early December. On top of that, I have to work the regular 9 to 5, too.

Yeah, I have a full plate. But that's cool. I like being busy! :-)

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