Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back In The Wold Of The Living

Well, I hadn't intended on being a stranger all this time, but as you know I've been busy writing my latest sci-fi story. That's not an excuse, though. I've written stories before while keeping to a semi-regular posting schedule here. But I guess this latest go-round just sucked me in THAT much. I mean, I was so much invested in this story that I had no desire to write anything else at the time. There was also an issue of time. Between work (which was hectic this last week), weight training/running, and this story, I had little time for anything else. Including Gears of War 2 (boo!)

But I'm happy to say I'm done! With the first draft, at least. I finished last night, actually, and it came in a little longer than I wanted -- at 10,000 words. But I'm diving straight into the second draft today and will look to cut out around 3,000 of those words and add perhaps a thousand more in flesh-outs and scenery, as well as some tie-ins to make the plot flow better. It would be nice if, after the final polish, I can have something in the 7.5k range. Keep your fingers crossed.

And, so, what is this story about? Sorry, I won't divulge any details. Especially while I'm still in the rough draft phase. But I will let you in on the story idea that generated this tale, which goes:

What would you do if a bad man from your childhood walked into your clinic needing urgent medical treatment? Would you treat him like any other patient, deserving of your care? Or would you use the opportunity to take a life rather than save one?

This is the dilemma a physician--my protagonist--faces in this story. Can she put aside her hatred for what this man did to her family?

And of course, since this is sci-fi, it takes place aboard a space station situated at the mouth of a strategic wormhole. Because, hell, why not?

I'm off from work all next week, so between this second draft, editing an older story from September (and, oh yeah, that turkey-day thing too!), I'll be playing copious amounts of GoW2 until my bleeding eyes match the Locust splatter across my tv screen. YAY!!!!

Anyone have plans for T-day?

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