Friday, November 7, 2008

More Cool Audiobook News!

Whoa! I was just mentioning in this post last month about how I needed to check out more audiobooks after listening to the superbly produced and written anthology, METAtropolis, released by Well now it seems that my favorite SF author in the world is jumping into the audio format foray.

Alan Dean Foster has updated over at his official website that audio versions of his acclaimed ongoing sci-fi series, Flinx of the Commonwealth, have been contracted for release through Audible! Yay! What better time for me to hop onto the audiobook bandwagon than with the very series that began my whole love affair with the genre?

To clarify, Foster currently has one of his books in the series, Flinx's Folly, available through Audible, as well as the Star Wars media tie-in novel, The Approaching Storm. Stephan Rudnicki, who narrated Folly (and, coincidentally, one of the stories in METAtropolis) has been tapped to handle the voicing duties for all the remaining Flinx novels, previous and future. I like Rudnicki; he possesses amazing narrative talents, including an uncanny knack with accents. Can't wait to hear how he lends his voice to Flinx's perilous adventures with his pet minidragon, Pip. Should be nothing short of awesome.

Foster has made no mention of a timeline for these audiobooks on his site, but here's hoping for a 2009 release.

This is sure to make many fans of Foster's work--and the Flinx books specifically--very, very happy little pandas!

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Ashe Hunt said...

I read this the other day. I can literally think of no better books for me to get into the audiobook game with. I BEEN waiting for these!

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