Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, Since When Was It Cool For A Man To Carry A Purse?

Here in New York City, I'm witnessed to a lot of crazy fashion choices that leave me scratching my head. But this latest fad among men is driving me bat shit insane! I've always heard of the man purse (or "murse")--which is also called a man bag--but the ones I've seen that are favored by European men look nothing like this. This is going too far! What's next, matching pumps and hoop earrings?

The first time I saw this, I was walking down the street. The guy in front of me had a full-on woman's bag hanging from his shoulder. It wasn't a messenger bag. *I* have a messenger bag--it's the type of bag you can fit a laptop into. In my day it was called a satchel.

But this . . . this is a completely different animal.

I mean, WTF? This is not cool. I know that as a man we sometimes need a place to stick our extra crap just like women. In my case, I'm constantly carrying around loads of books, papers, magazines, and work files. That's what a messenger bag is for. But this thing with big, loopy straps and supple leather exterior? Um, no. That my friend is a purse. Or handbag. Or whatever women call it. But the important thing is, it's for WOMEN!

On the subway, I saw another man with a similar type bag slung over one shoulder. But this one had a black & white tiger print pattern. You heard me right: TIGER FUCKING PRINT! I'm waiting to see rainbows and kisses next. Or maybe X's and O's written in pink lipstick all up and down the bag. *barf*

I'm thinking of starting my own photo essay collection, that's how bad it's getting. I'll take my camera with me wherever I go, and when I see one of these walking vaginas around town, I'm going to snap pics and post them on Flicker. Then you'll know I'm not kidding around here.

What I thought was just an odd sighting or two has recently blown up to a full out invasion in this city. And I'm sure it's not limited to just New York. Oh, and before you ask: no, these dudes did not seem like they were gay to me. I mean, I can't exactly tell of course. But from what my limited abilities can deduce, these guys are straight. They've just been brainwashed by this metrosexual phase that's been sweeping the country over the past several years.

And it needs to stop. I mean, seriously!


  1. This is so sick! Call me un-evolved or a caveman or whatever but this shit is so not manly! Take this how you want it, but, that shit is so GAY! If you are a male and you are carrying a purse or any type of bag deliberately designed for a female to carry, YOU ARE GAY! No offense to homosexuals 'cause my use of the term gay has nothing to do with sexual preference. Mostly I use the term to mean something like, girlie-man or weakling. I don't care if you're a muscle bound MMA champion, if you're carrying a purse, YOU ARE GAY! Period. So not cool. I fear for the race and the culture my children will be born into.

  2. Ha-ha! Well, despite the applied vitriol of my entry, I don't think it's at all serious like that. It's just a fad. A weird, stupid, and confusing fad...but when are they not? I'm just alarmed by how much more often I've been seeing it recently (as in the last couple of months). Did I miss something?

  3. haha! you guys crack me up.
    it truly speaks to gender dynamics
    when it's usually seen as a strong
    thing when women mimic men, but always
    a very wrong bad weak thing when men
    mimic women. it really has nothing to
    do with fashion, when you think about it.

    and don't let it bother you, other men
    carrying purses does not reflect at all
    on YOUR masculinity. ;*) it is a little
    funny--but then, so was men getting their
    ears pierced way back when...

    david, i know you were being a bit facetious.
    ashe seems truly freaked out. ha!!

  4. ps. not sure if you ever saw the comment, but i was wondering how you got interested / involved in studying mandarin, david? =)

  5. Cindy--

    Nah, I know it doesn't reflect my own masculinity. And, yes, I was being facetious. Although I am genuinely perplexed, more by the suddeness of it everywhere I look now.

    Oh, and I *did* see your comment about why I learned Mandarin on your blog. I actually do plan to do an entry on the subject . . . just when I get the time. Look for it soon. :)

  6. Hey, Cindy, I just get a little excitable sometimes and I gotta let it out. Like David I'm really just a bit perplexed by the whole phenomenon of the metro-sexual and manbags.


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