Friday, November 7, 2008

A True "World Leader"

This video clip taken from CNN is just amazing. It shows how Barack Obama's win was a big deal not just for Americans, but for all stripes of people in nations around the world.

Seriously, does that not give you goosebumps? Who can say they've ever seen this much positive reaction to an American election in the world before? The folks are celebrating as if he was *their* President.

And that's the beauty of our country . . . we truly do represent the world. And it's not because we're better (we're not) or superior in any way other than arms (we're still not), but because America shows the promise of someone born and influenced from other cultures making it to the very top of the political system here. If that's not the true meaning of the word "hope," I don't know what is.

I've never felt so connected with the rest of the world than I do now. This is something just another old white guy in the White House couldn't have made happen. Even before he's officially taken on the mantle of President and expounded any kind of policy at all, Barack Obama is already a symbol of hope and something different than what the old regime has offered. To a lot of folks around the world, that is enough. To the rest of us, we wish and pray that he can live up to all the hype.

No, I don't think he's the second coming. Nor do I think our country will immediately heal from all which ails it. But I, along with the rest of the world, can see this moment as the *possibility* for something really good to happen. And we need that glimmer of the possible more than anything right now.

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