Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Evolution Of A Music Player

Back in 2002 I got the Dell Digital Jukebox (pictured on the far left), a 20GB mp3 player in the rough shape of a brick. At the time, the mp3 player phase had not yet caught on. Folks were still walking around with CD walkmans, of all things! The iPod was just a glimmer in Steve Jobs' eye, and the Dell DJ was quite the shit! Over the years since getting this player I've amassed a hefty collection of eclectic songs and obscure albums, in addition to the usual pop stuff I occasionally listen to. And so when the first iPod came out, I didn't care.

Then I got Lisa the iPod Mini (pictured in the middle) as a wedding gift in 2005. It was much smaller, sleeker, and lighter than my DJ, which was already showing its age. By now, roughly half of NYC had iPods it seemed, but at the time the Mini was the "in" thing. Smaller even than the already tiny standard iPod. What the Mini was left lacking was in space. It only carried 6 gigabytes compared to my DJ's 20. But, I had to admit the iTunes app was a damn sight better running than my DJ's MusicMatch p.o.s. software.

And now, just this Christmas, I got Lisa the newly redesigned iPod Nano (pictured on the right). It is almost paper thin--shinier and even smaller than the Mini. And it carries a whopping 16GB in such a tiny casing. Still not as much as my DJ (which I continue to use to this day), but close. And the size and pure SEX factor of the Nano makes up for the paltry 4GB difference, I think.

My, how technology advances! I had resolved myself to never fall into the nefarious Apple clutches, despite starting my PC literacy on a Mac back in the early 90s. But after getting the iPhone from Lisa for Christmas, and seeing this iPod Nano in action, I must say Apple has done a wonderful thing here making their products both accessible to the average layman as well as solidly backed with awesome support.

Anyway, here's a sideways comparison so you can see the difference not just in overall size, but in slimness as well.

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