Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Photos -- Now With More Cheeks!!!

Visited Lisa's family on Christmas day. And as promised, I took plenty of pics of our nephew and little chubster of a niece. Chandler got his Elmo, which he just loves very, very much. He calls out his name every chance he gets!

Here he is getting into to trouble in one of his eldest cousins' rooms. He got attached to this sparkling glitter microphone and would not let go for the life of him. Between this and dancing to all the Beyonce music videos on MTV, I think Chandler may have a future career ahead of him in showbiz. Either that, or dress up in drag! Haha, I kid of course (you hope?)

Of course, no get together would be complete without little miss chubby cheeks herself, Arianna! Everyone was so happy to see her, all but fighting each other to get to her first! Here she gave me a big smile as I took her picture. She's such a calm and well-behaved baby, I think I've mentioned. Here she looks like an escaped pink convict from the Prison of Cute!!!

Chandler's older sister, Ashley, got to her first. Arianna was quite taken by the Christmas tree. She's 7 or 8 months old now, so everything is a curiosity to her -- especially if it is big and has blinking lights!

And of course, Chandler was not immune to the powers of her cuteness, either. I swear, this boy loves his little cousin so much! He wouldn't stop kissing her cheeks all night. Here he's trying to feed her. So cute!

After a while, Arianna had enough of all the doting attention and numerous hugs and kisses from Chandler. Check out the expression on her face -- LOL, priceless!

It was a long and tiring day, but overall I'd say this Christmas went smashingly and on a pretty low key. Which I definitely needed. A stark contrast to Christmases past, I must admit. Phew!


Kim Kasch said...

Love the photos - what would Christmas be without kids - boring...

Kids make holidays fun.


David Batista said...

Too true. Might be a reason for me to get started on some of my own (haha!)

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