Monday, January 19, 2009

As If I Needed Another Reason . . .

IGN *finally* released the full list of their "Best Of" winners for games across all platforms for the year 2008. The grand finale of them all being the "Best Overall Game" of the year award, which went to Fallout 3.

Damn, like as if I needed yet one more reason to start this game -- and FAST!!!

As I mentioned here back in October, Fallout 3 was a game I immediately snatched up when it was released, but then realized I didn't have the time to play it until the new year. What with writerly duties and quick, fun little titles like Gears of War 2 and Prince of Persia taking up all my time, I figured it would be a while before I would jump into such a huge and time-consuming endeavor like Fallout 3.

But now I can no longer ignore its allure. I'm being sucked in to the post-apocalyptic world of Capitol Wasteland (a seriously bombed-out Washington D.C. area), and this time there will be nothing to stand in my way.

Well, except for this story I'm writing right now. But I'm almost done (so far it's quite good), and hopefully by this weekend I shall crank up the ol' Xbox 360 and *FINALLY* get my RPG goodness on! :)

I'll have to be quick, though, as all must come to a grinding stop when Resident Evil 5 comes out in March. I'm pretty sure I'll be barely at the halfway point with Fallout 3 by then, but here's to hoping I can get through RE5 really quick and then return to the apocalypse.

The way things are looking, I might be playing this game off and on for the better part of a year. AIEEEE!!!!


  1. I'm going to send this bloglink to my son and see what he says.

  2. Cool, Kim. The more readers the merrier! :)

  3. Jake popped over to check it out. He said Fall Out is one of his all-time favorites but that he was disappointed in the 10 year wait. He also said he's spent a LOT of time on WOW lately so hasn't given FO it's fair shake. I did see him reading your post.

    He also has a web-comic devoted to gamers that you should check out:

  4. Oh cool! So far I like the comic -- right down my alley! :)

    Thanks, Kim!

  5. Hey David - I know Im commenting on an older post but, I see games as a form of escape. Its just amazing to me that between anime and video games, everything is so apocalyptic and war driven. I know there are plenty of games that are warm and fuzzy but the hits are always dark with a glimpse into our certain future. Just an observation.


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