Friday, January 9, 2009

Mmm, Suddenly I'm Hungry!

It's no secret that successful sci-fi writer John Scalzi loves his bacon. After all, we're talking about the man behind the now infamous Bacon Cat incident. And because he's such a fine connoisseur of the delicious breakfast meat, it's natural that he would post the following video up on his outrageously popular blog, Whatever.

Thank goodness for shows like this that show you how things are made. Sure, the knowledge will never save your life in a tough situation, or unlock the secrets of the universe or anything. But damn if it's not entertaining nonetheless. And come on, who did not get hungry for some juicy, nicely sizzled bacon right now? Okay, true, if you have a phobia of pork products, or perhaps meat in general, this probably didn't help matters any. But despite the gross factor of seeing skin ripped off slabs of meat, or use of the the shudder-inducing term "pork bellies" repeatedly, I have to admit I ran out and brought a pound of uncooked* bacon immediately after watching this yesterday.

*This video was cool and all, but seriously . . . who the hell buys pre-cooked bacon? That is just WRONG on so many levels. It violates some fundamental, basic tenet of baconess, I'm sure.

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