Friday, January 30, 2009

A Quick Little Q&A Meme

Captain Hook over at Hook's Happenings posted this little meme, and I promised her I'd answer the 5 questions here. So here goes:

1) Who is the favorite person in your family?
That would be my grandmother. After my mother died, she quit her job and dreams of becoming an R.N. to take us in and raise us. Learning about all the heartache and hardships she's been through growing up, it truly made me realize than my own horrible childhood was like a Disneyland ride compared to hers. She's my inspiration and source of all my strength in this world.

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
Of course, everyone knows I'm going to say Vermont. Preferably the northwest portion in either Addison or Chittenden counties -- the Lake Champlain region. I went to school there for four years, and it truly is the ideal place to live for me. Sparsely populated (at least, compared to NYC), filled with nature's beauty and the majestic Green Mountains, and the people there are pretty low key. Great place for peace and quiet and to write. Not to mention raising a family. I miss it there.

3) If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
Okay, this might sound completely reactionary to current events, but I don't care. I want to meet Pres. Barack Obama. I don't think he's the second coming of Christ like some people do, but I do believe he represents all of America. Yes, even the redneck, racist parts. Though maybe not so much. Still, he symbolizes the promise of this country that all true patriots believe in: and that is, that no matter who you are, your background or religion, if you uphold the principles of this nation, then you are qualified to be its leader. Pres. Obama might not be able to turn water into wine (or red ink into greenbacks, as it may be), but he's the first president I actually *believe* in. Not even Clinton garnered such respect from me.

4) You get a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
So easy: Mongolia! I don't know why, but I'm drawn to this place. I just want to spend three weeks there bouncing across the nomadic steppes and meeting all the people and witnessing all the rugged beauty of that land that I can. I would also use the opportunity to slip into China while I'm in that neck of the woods, and fulfill two dream journeys at once! Of course, China's a whole separate vacation in itself. One I would need to spend a lot more than just 3 weeks to adequately explore.

5) Have you ever dreamt your own death? How did you die, if so?
For some reason, it is impossible for me to die in my dreams. I've been in many precarious scenarios where I *almost* die, but like a Hollywood movie something always happens at the last second to save my ass. Usually, I suddenly remember that I can fly and then leap into air and leave the bad guys behind! :) I've had a sword bounce off my neck like rubber when someone tried to decapitate me once, and bullets deflect off my chest like Superman. I think the thought of my own death is something my mind refuses to process. How's that for wish fulfillment?

Well, that was interesting. Good questions! If anyone else wants to tackle them, post the answers in the comments section of this entry, or a link to your own blog's update.


  1. David: Anywhere - in this country - is sparsely populated compared to NY.

    I've died in my dreams before...what does that say about me?...

    And, what an amazing grandma!!!

  2. True, true. You're right . . . NYC is a crowded hell. :)

    I'm always shocked by people who say they've died in their dreams. I used to think it was impossible. It probably means you're more grounded/realistic than I am. (heh, heh)

  3. David, Vermont is one of THE nicest places to visit/live. We took a trip to Andover to stay at this cute place called The Inn at Highview. What a wonderful time. So serene, no access to rest of the world with cell phones. Truly a place to meditate, write etc. Have you heard of it?

    My grandmother is my angel too! I care more about what she thinks of me and what I do with my life than anyone else in this world. I understand what you mean about her guidance and your childhood comparison to Disneyland. Her strength is profound and I've learned of her lifes lessons via my own faux pas. thats the only way she would dish out the truth.

    As for dreaming about going to blog about that next!

  4. Dana - I've been to Andover, but I've never heard of The Inn. But yes, that's what I love about the state. So serene! Plus, since I love the winter, it gets bonus points. :)

    Can't wait to read your blog entry on the subject of dream deaths.

  5. Well, I finally did this joint. Procrastinatin' as usual. But it's done now. Actually put work into this!


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