Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huh? Does It Never Snow In London?

I've been hearing about some huge, mutant snowstorm that totally brutalized the U.K Sunday night and Monday, with words being tossed about like "crippling," "devastating," and "disastrous" among many. Seems London in particular was hit pretty hard, with much of the workforce staying home, the infrastructure brought to a standstill, and all schools closed. So I clicked on this article to read the details . . .

. . . And I have to admit I was at a loss for words. 8 inches of snow? That's it? WTF?

How is that even worth mentioning? I mean, NYC also misses out on all the truly epic blizzards (boo!), but even we don't act like a bunch of panzies when it eventually snows 8 inches. I mean, sure, some people do -- and I'm sure schools do close -- but that's about it. Traffic still flows, the subways still run, and my sorry ass still has to come in to work like everyone else.

How is this the largest snowstorm they've had in 18 years? I just can't comprehend this. I mean, it's winter right? And it snows in winter, yes? How was this such a big, major event?

I'd appreciate it if anyone can clue me in. Kthxbye.

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  1. Goes to show you, they're a bunch of pansies over there. I've gone to school in a damn near blizzard on numerous occasions growing up. NYC is the ultimate hardcore when it comes to snowy days! 8 inches ain't shit.


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