Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Game I'm Addicted To!

If some of you have been keeping track of my sidebar, you'll know that I completed my playthrough of Fallout 3 last week. I was trying my best to get through that game in time for this . . . Resident Evil 5. It came out on Friday the 13th, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

I cherish the RE franchise more than any other game series in the modern era -- which, for me, counts as 1998 and onward, since this was the year I got back into gaming after a 4-year drought. And the game that got me back into the swing of things? The original Resident Evil for the PlayStation 1. Ever since then, I've been an RE fanatic!

This time around, we get to play as fan-favorite, Chris Redfield, one of the few survivors of the original mansion incident in 1998. He now works for an anti bio-terrorism group called B.S.A.A., going around the world and helping out wherever illegal, weaponized viruses are being exploited. This time he's sent to a fictionalized country in West Africa, where he teams up with a local B.S.A.A agent named Sheva Alomar. Together, the two have to continuously use teamwork to get through the horrors that are set upon them -- namely deranged, infected villagers codenamed "Majini". These are not the traditional slow-moving, shuffling zombies of old. No, much like the Ganado in RE4, the Majini are fast bastards that are cunning and can outflank and organize against you. They are also capable of using weapons, which make them a whole lot more dangerous than zombies, to say the least. But the end result is the same: they want your blood, but you'd rather keep some of it! Simple, really.

So far the game is insanely gripping and fast-moving. Not to mention frenetic. While a tad easy so far, I'm sure the difficulty will ratchet up in the next coming chapters.

I really like my partner. Not only is she extremely easy on the eyes, she's very capable and helpful in a fight. The computer AI controlling her is better than most games, but still has a few hiccups. The game overcomes this by giving you some basic commands to reign her in when she gets a little too ambitious, so that helps.

Anyway, right now we're trying to investigate who let loose this virus on the villagers and why. Right now the clues are pointing to a cover-up, and our support team has been wiped out. So we're on our own for the moment, and an entire village of angry, hopped-up pseudo zombies are clamoring down the alleys searching for us. Isn't this always the case?

As usual, keep reading the "Now Playing" sidebar to keep track of my progress. Since I'll be heading to Paris for a week starting Friday, don't expect this to get updated for perhaps the next 2 weeks or so. Although, that may be a lie seeing as how I can't seem to put down the controller right now. Who knows, I might just progress rather far by the end of the week.

I'll keep you informed. In the meantime, BUY THIS GAME if you are at all interested in action-horror gaming and blowing up angry, mutating creatures that are out to eat you. :)


Kim Kasch said...

I heard my son, Jake, call his younger brother. They were talking about this game.

David Batista said...

Great minds think alike! :)

I hope they're enjoying it as much as I am, Kim.

Captain Hook said...

I'm not a big gamer, but my friend Yuna (her blog is is. In fact I think she said she got her screen name Yunaleska from one of the RE games.

David Batista said...

Actually, Yuna is the name of a character in a game called Final Fantasy X and its spin-off, FF X-2. She was a very popular character, in fact. Your friend is a gal after my own heart! :)

Ashe Hunt said...

After watching you play a bit on Saturday I think this might be the first game I get when I get my Playstation 3 for my Bornday. If for nothing else than to watch Sheva's eyes. And blow shit up, of course!

David Batista said...

That would be awesome if you get it!

Too bad you don't have internet access at home, because we could play co-op online together then. Bob and I will be doing that as soon as he gets the game for PS3 later this week. Apparently it makes the game a whole lot better.

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