Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talk About Surreal

I actually forgot to discuss this pic we took while in Paris, but the coolness should be obvious to my fellow fans of Highlander.

We actually didn't get to eat at this Greek restaurant, which is located in a narrow, cobble-stoned side street not far from St. Julien le Pauvre and Shakespeare and Co. Eerie, no?

And, yes, I know this isn't the exact same spelling as the ROG (really old guy, for you n00bs), but I could imagine him passing this place and getting a nice chuckle.

If you're ever in Paris, stop along the rue St. Severin and give it a try. It looked pretty cozy inside. This street is more of a back alley, with lots of other small pubs and restaurants nearby. It was pretty raucous here late at night. It must be very popular with the college crowd, as we saw nothing but young people milling up and down the street and causing a general hubbub of activity even after midnight. A good place to go pub crawling, though, which I made a mental note of for future reference. :)

I think there's even a bar called the Highlander nearby, but I wasn't looking for it so we never saw it. I hear it's tucked away in a spot most people can't find, which makes it even more enticing! Ah, maybe next time . . .


  1. Oh you will have to check my sons' comic tomorrow if you're a Highlander fan! I know what the comic is - but I don't want to give it away.

  2. Oh cool! I will of course check it out, Kim. Thanks!

  3. *whimpers*

    Can I hide in your luggage next time you go? Pretty please?

    Kim, how do I access your son's comic?


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