Sunday, May 10, 2009

Timberlake/Samberg Collaboration Redux

I've mentioned here before about the hilariousness of the Lonely Island crew and, more recently, the presentation of some of their work on Saturday Night Live's "Digital Shorts" series. On a previous Christmas special hosted by Justin Timberlake, the entertainer teamed up with LI co-founder and SNL cast member, Andy Samberg, for a rather raunchy music video titled "Dick In A Box." I'm sure everybody on the planet has seen this already, but in case you haven't, click on the video below (Warning, you may need to sign-up to the site for free first in order to access its mature content):

Just over the weekend, Justin hosted again and so, naturally I guess, Samberg and crew couldn't pass up the opportunity to follow-up on this masterpiece, this time with an appropriately-timed piece titled "Motherlover." I'm sure the eventual uncensored version will substitute "love" for another 4-letter word, but until that day here is the performance/skit as it appeared on SNL last night:

Oh man, that was so wrong on so many levels -- but FUNNY! Susan Sarandon is a good sport, I tell ya! :)

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  1. They are so sick. Talented but sick. I might have to start watching SNL again.


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