Sunday, June 7, 2009

High School Sweethearts

Last week marked 15 years since Lisa and I started dating. We were seniors at the time and shared most of the same classes, but we didn't really hit it off until the night of our senior prom. I asked her to dance with me, and she said yes! And the rest, as they say, was history. I remember coming home and being so dazed and overwhelmed with flooding emotions. Little did I know that I would end up marrying this girl!

These pictures were taken several months before we started seeing each other, and it's funny how innocent and veiled our comments written on the back were to each other. Just the usual polite stuff friends write to other friends, wishing them all the best in the future and eliciting a promise to "K.I.T." (keep in touch).

Lisa and I had been accepted into different colleges, so when we eventually did start to go out, I remember being extremely frustrated. Why, I asked of fate . . . why did you have to send her into my life NOW? What about all those previous angst-ridden high school years? Why now when I have to go away to college and away from New York for approx. 4 years?

We questioned whether it was a good idea to start a relationship that was only doomed to end by the end of the summer. Or, rather, I questioned it. I think Lisa knew all along what we would end up doing. She's smart like that.

By the end of the summer, we had grown a lot together as a couple. I know it sounds cheesy -- like typical teen romance crap -- but honestly, we had become extremely close. So close that, as my departure date arrived, my heart grew heavier and more anxious. Finally we had a long talk one night. About us. About how we should keep this going, despite the nearly 160 miles (and one state border) that separated our two colleges. And I felt so stupid for having worried all summer long. Because it never crossed my mind that we could still make it work despite being apart for months at a time.

But make it work we did. Some people say long distance relationships are doomed. Especially college ones. Well, we're living proof that, on the contrary, they sometimes work! The key is for both people to know themselves really well, and to have open communication at all time. And of course, to love one another unconditionally. Sometimes being alone really got to me while attending school in the frozen northern wilds of Vermont, but honestly I can't say it was all that difficult for us in the long run. We visited each other as much as we could. And of course we both came from the same hometown, so this meant holidays and summertime was OUR time to make up for being apart! :)

Anyway, looking at these two photos, it's amazing to think that we were ever so young. It no longer amazes me that we have been together for so long, however. Aside from those 4 years apart, we've been together every step of the way. Through thick and thin. We moved in together 2 years after graduating college, and got married less than 5 years after that. Our wedding anniversary has now supplanted our prom night anniversary. We don't even celebrate that date anymore. But every now and then we lie in bed together and reminisce about that summer of '94. It's all a blur, really. But certain moments stand out starkly. Our first movie. Our first kiss. Our first kiss in the rain.

These are memories I cherish to this day.

So here's to us darling. 15 years and I still don't annoy you (much)! Who'd a thunk it?


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    It is so exciting to hear about lasting love.

  2. I've had the privilege and immense pleasure to know you both since the H.S. days. I remember that prom for the same reasons you do though with slightly differing levels of emotion. I ran interference so ya'll had time to talk and talk ya'll did! I'm happy to say I witnessed the spark that ignited between the both of you. When people tell me their bullshit reasons for why their relationships don't work I always bring ya'll up. Nothing is perfect, however, like you said, know yourself and trust and love the person you're with and pretty much nothing else matters.

    I've been and still am so happy for you both and am proud to have you both as friends.

  3. Kim, thank you. Our true anniversary (wedding) is next month, though. We didn't even remember the June 2 date this year until several days after the fact!

    T -- Aww, thanks man! Yup, you were there since the beginning. And yes, we've had to put up with a lot more than just long distance tensions. Bigotry and assorted ignorances, and all that jazz that goes along with every mixed-race couple.

    I'm very opinionated on the subject, naturally. Might even update about it some time. Rant alert! :)

  4. 15 years is quite a milestone, David. Congrats!!

  5. aww, congrats! you have been together about as long as m and i have! i was also the cynic with the long distance relationship thing. it wasn't easy but we made it! =D

    i had no idea you guys met in high school. awww! prom was a super special night for you!


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