Monday, June 22, 2009

Kewl Robert Charles Wilson Interview

In reading this month's issue of Locus magazine, I came across this too-cool and succinct quote by Robert Charles Wilson, a man who's work I've only recently had the pleasure of being introduced to:

". . .People have a set of default futures in their heads now, which is odd. Back in the '80s, a group of college students was asked, 'How do you see the world in 40 years?', and the answers were really pessimistic -- they tended toward nuclear wastelands patrolled by killer robots, that sort of thing. Then they were asked, 'Where do you see yourself in 40 years?' and the answers tended toward 'Well, I'll be ready for retirement.' So there's a cognitive disconnect, but I think it's because our culture is now pervaded with these default notions of the future derived from science fiction."

Isn't that fascinating? It shows how much science fiction really does invade the imaginations of even the most unsuspecting of people, sure. But even more interesting, it shows that when questions concerning the future turn from the abstract to the more personal, we shift behind a more practical, and maybe even more honest, lens.

What an insightful observation! And yet another example of why I love Locus mag's monthly interviews! One of the best subscriptions I've plunked down money for, I tell you.

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