Friday, June 26, 2009

The King Is Gone, Long Live The King!

I wasn't going to do one of these, because I think there are enough blogger tributes out there that mine won't be adding anything that hasn't already been said. But you know what? Screw it! I'm an 80s kid, and Michael was a huge, inseparable part of that era. If I had money, I would have a dedicated 80s room in my mansion -- complete with neon glow, Ms. Pac-man and Donkey Kong arcade cabinets, a pizza parlor . . . and MJ's Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad albums playing non-stop rotation through artfully set up boomboxes in Dolby Surround! I mean, YEAH!!!!

A lot of people consider Bad to be the better album, but not me. I remember listening to the title track off the Thriller album when I was just 6 years old, at a friend's birthday party that was more for the adults than the kids. The album had just released and, although I was so young, I remember being able to follow the lyrics and subsequently scaring the beejeebus out of myself! And to a 6 year old boy, that's just RAD, man!!!

There's not one song off the Thriller album I don't love. And while the same is almost true of both Off The Wall and Bad, to me Thriller most perfectly captures the pulse of the 80s -- a time period that has grown to almost mythic-quality in my nostalgia.

This is a sad, sad day for me. I feel sick to my stomach. RIP, Michael! You truly were an icon of your time.

I'll be listening to my specially designed MJ playlist all day today at work. If I can make it through without choking up, that is.


  1. I was at the Wax Museum in Vegas - had just walked by MJ's exhibit when I heard the news. Very surreal.

    I couldn't believe it 'cause he was only 50. Suddenly I felt so old and saddened.

  2. Yeah, damn, that IS surreal! We were in the movies watching Transformers when the news break, so it wasn't until we got home at 8:45 that we turned the tv on and the first thing we heard was: "Michael Jackson dead at 50!"

    The full brunt of that statement took several more seconds to finally hit me.

  3. I was at work and the tv kept switching what it was saying. First it was "He's dead." Then "He's in a coma." Then back to "He's dead."

    We all started thinking it was a big hoax because of the way they kept going back and forth. All of us at the hotel are in our mid-30s and remember dancing to Thriller the first time they ever played it at a school dance.

    I actually remember my school trying to ban his music as too *controversial*. The entire school boycotted classes.


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