Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Do I Always Miss Out On The Good Stuff?

Lisa got her renewed passport in the mail just in time for our trip to the Bahamas, and it's chock full of awesome! Yet it reminds me all over again of how I always seem to miss out on the goodies in life. When I graduated high school, they installed brand new computers in the lab the very next semester. After finishing college, the undergrad campus got a major overhaul including brand spanking new library, new state-of-the-art science center, new Olympic-sized pool, and new student entertainment center.


About three years ago my passport expired, and I was assured I would be getting one of the new ones that had just been released by the State Dept. at the time to make it more difficult for terrorists and so forth. But when it came in the mail -- sorry sucker, same old design! No embedded computer ID chip. No swanky new colorful interior design with hyper-cool hologram technology. Nada! I had just missed the transition point by THIS much! Litterally, by a month.

But this one Lisa just received has all the bells and whistles and then some! There's even a patriotic miniature painting on the first page, depicting Francis Scott Key observing the flag flying over Fort McHenry. Makes my passport look downright plain and dowdy. I mean, DAMN! I'm going to have to wait until 2016 before I'm allowed in on this goodness. That's a helluva long time to have to walk around with a boring old pedestrian passport, while all the cool kids get the prettified new ones and wave them in my face. Hmph! The only consolation is that--MAYBE--they'll have an even better design by the time I renew for the third time. One can only hope!

Anyway, snarkiness and frustrations aside, Lisa's been confirmed as a citizen for another 10 years. Yay! She became one way back in 1998, and had to hand in her old Jamaican passport at the time. This was her first time renewing the U.S. passport, so she was a bit nervous.

But now that all that is settled, the only thing keeping us from a week of sun-filled fun and general beach-centered laziness is the calendar itself!

Can't wait, can't wait . . .

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  1. Poor baby! I completely understand how you feel.


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