Friday, July 17, 2009

Away For A Wee Bit . . .

Well, that time is upon us once more. This time, for pleasure. I am of course talking about travelling. We leave for the Bahamas tomorrow, on the trip I mentioned almost two months ago here. And, boy, has no vacation ever been more needed than this one!

I'll be out of touch the entire time, I'm sure. I think a few places on the island we're staying at have Internet connection, but I'm almost certain it's spotty at best. In the meantime, I'll be relaxing and reading. What will I be reading? Probably a little science fiction with some science fact. I'll be taking along Tobias Buckell's Ragamuffin (which I've been highly anticipating), as well as an interesting look into quantum physics in Lee Smolin's Three Roads To Quantum Gravity.

The former book is rather appropriate given how it wraps sci-fi and space-opery goodness within a neato ball of Caribbean sensibilities! While the latter title will be to satisfy my seemingly unquenching thirst to learn as much as I can about the exciting discipline of quantum mechanics. Just a hunch, but I think I'll be using these theories as all sorts of interesting springboards for my fiction. I'm particularly interested in space travel and quantum gravity, hence the title of the book.

I'll throw in a few Conan and Dark Tower comics, too. For lighter reading.

Yup, besides venturing into the ocean as much as possible, this will be all I plan on doing. Very little sight-seeing, no touristy stuff, and no adventure sports. Unless snorkeling is considered an adventure sport. Just sleeping and reading and spending quality time with my wife.

Sounds glorious!

See you all in about a week.

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