Monday, July 27, 2009

It's So Good To Be BACK!!!

Despite having such an awesome week in the Caribbean, there inevitably came a time, like on all trips, when I desired to stop bleeding cash like a stuck piggy bank and to head back home to my normal life. No matter how much fun I'm having abroad, I eventually start yearning for the mundane.

Is that strange?

So even though we were saddened to leave paradise behind, it was with a huge sigh of relief that we entered our Bronx apartment and set our bags down. Phew! I don't care how much fun there is to be had, travelling is still a major pain in the ass. I hate, hate, hate airports and security checkpoints, baggage claim lines and taxi queues.

But what I hate even more than all that, is coming back home to a dirty apartment.

Because of Lisa's hectic and overwhelming workload at the hospitals, she never has the energy to clean the house. Which leaves it all up to me. But since I work a full-time job, too, as well as do all the cooking, grocery shopping, fixing-uppery, etc., you can imagine that the house can sometime fall into a haphazard mess. Thing is, I'm so anal about cleanliness. I absolutely cannot live around clutter. And I definitely cannot come back home to it.

Lisa never understood this until now. Before any major trip, I always pestered her to make sure the house is in order so that we can return home and not feel even more like crap. And she would promptly stare at me like I'd grown a second head. See, even though she's a Virgo like me, she's a cusp -- September 22. Almost a Libra! Whereas I'm full-blown OCD Virgo mode on my best days. We cannot abide by slovenliness, even though we are generally lazy to begin with.

However, this one time, I finally convinced her of my wisdom! (yeah, right). Actually, it consisted mostly of me taking matters into my own hands and making sure everything was put away and the floors cleaned, the dishes washed, and the garbage taken out. I even cleaned out the refrigerator and stocked up on some favorite food items so that we wouldn't have to go grocery shopping when we came back.

And it worked perfectly! Coming home to an orderly, neat apartment not smelling like dirty dishes and stale garbage really works wonders for one's attitude. It allowed us to just drop our things, open all the windows, and relax on the couch. And now Lisa finally understands what I've been getting at! :)

Over the weekend, we took our time unpacking and returning back to the normal order of business here in the city. I myself immediately went into a new story, one I'd been itching to write all week while in the Bahamas. I wrote 3 scenes over the course of Saturday and Sunday, and it's going pretty well so far. Yay!

Also, sometime while I was out my pre-order of the Watchmen director's cut DVD came in the mail. So that was full of win right there! I've only barely dipped into the set, but I'm liking some of the additions that were inserted into the film. I'm disappointed that there is an even superer-duperer version coming out later in the year, though. Why must they DO this shit? I thought I had the definitive version, and now I'll have to wrestle with the decision to get this better set in December? Argh!

I'll still buy it, though. Because I'm a sucker for this movie. But I'll get it on Blu-ray this time. Yeah, that's my excuse. :)

Anyway, it's great to be back. I like order and normality, and this trip totally recharged my batteries so I'm ready to jump right back into the thick of things.

Hope you all had a good week. Ashe, you're going to have to call me to let me know wtf happened to you. I only barely glimpsed your FB updates, but seems like a whole lot went down while we were gone. Must tell me more!

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