Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Tragic Loss . . .


Feel the cool breeze on electric air,
Tempest is over, the stars shine bright,
July born of lightning storms.
But all is calm now.
Dream, my friend, dream.
Your sorrow ends tonight.

They gather, in threes and fours,
Kin and stranger, friend and foe,
Together in grief, separate in mourning.
Can you hear their whispered wailing?
Dream, my son, dream.
Feel the cold no more.

Their eyes search the distance,
For answers, for revenge,
Straining for your presence.
But your laughter's only memory.
Dream, my love, dream.
Leave behind regretful tinge.

I stand alone in the clearing of sorrow,
Family, companion, outsider, entity.
Would that I could but crawl into you,
Embrace them with your arms and smile.
Dream, my father, dream.
May your rest consume eternity.

Moon rising austere, disproving,
The age of your fire has ceased.
Winter dissolves under warm tears,
Dreaming long of summer, dreaming sweet.
Dream, my brother, dream.
May you rest in peace.

(Dedicated to Leshaun Gordon, 6/30/2009. A brother as much as in flesh and blood, who will be missed.)


  1. Love poetry and the picture - great memorial.

  2. Thanks. I don't do poetry well, but this recent tragedy left me with a need for letting out my emotions.

  3. Beautiful, brother. My heart hurts for you and Lisa, man.

  4. How did Leshaun die?

  5. Sorry, anonymous. Out of respect to the family, my in-laws, I'm not divulging such personal details. Just suffice to know that we lost a brother, someone very dear to us.

  6. Oh, okay, then sorry to hear about your loss, I knew a Leshaun in the Bronx, and it may have been the same one, that's why I asked. I just hope his baby girl, his mother Beverly, his family and everyone is doing okay.

  7. No problem. We're talking about the same person, it seems. Yes, everyone is doing okay. As okay as we can be.


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