Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do Movie Posters Plagiarize, Too?

Somehow this escaped my notice, but seeing as how I'm such a big fan of HBO's True Blood vampire series (based on the Charlaine Harris novels), I should have spotted it sooner. Has anyone seen the movie poster for Megan Fox's latest flick, Jennifer's Body? It's a complete, straight up, jacked rip-off of the Season 1 True Blood poster. Seeing as how the latter was pasted up on every single corner you turned leading up to the show's September 7th premiere last summer, it's kind of hard not to think this was done intentionally by the movie's marketing team. But why be so obvious? The two have absolutely no connection, and True Blood's poster is still very fresh in the minds of fans. Not the least of which is because the just released DVD box set of the first season uses the very same image on the box art.

Anyway, see for yourself:



Wow, that took like no ounce of imagination whatsoever. The only thing removed is the fangs. And of course, the tongue is on the opposite side. Yeah, no one will notice NOW.

Of course, some people might not know this, but both posters are actually paying homage to the original Angelina Jolie cover story photo in an issue of Entertainment Weekly back in 2003, famously shot by Martin Schoeller:

Hmmm, are there copyrights on photographic material? How much are you allowed to get away with? I feel the True Blood poster--when it came out last year--was a cool little nod to the Jolie pic. But this Jennifer's Body poster is a blatant ripoff of the True Blood art. As much as I want to see the movie (almost only because it's Megan Fox--hey!), this type of unoriginality has me thinking twice.

What do you think?

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