Monday, August 3, 2009

A Hairy Subject . . .

I gotta see this simply because it's a Chris Rock documentary by his own entertainment shingle, but it seems rather interesting, too.

It's a heated subject in certain circles, actually--this concept of "good hair." Of course I have my own opinion, which can be summed up as: everybody has a right to prescribe to and maintain their own definition of beauty. Whether that definition is informed by the media or not is inconsequential, given that both men and women adhere to certain other cosmetic ideals that are influenced by outside factors anyway.

But to put it more flippantly: relaxing one's hair or adding extensions is no different than fake lashes, hair coloring, high heels, or mascara. All of these are items used to "enhance" the natural feminine form and present a package that is not what one was born with, but fits within society's concept of what is attractive. You can't criticize the one and then practice the other. So, keep this in mind black women out there. Hell, white women too!

On a personal note, long dark hair is my definition of beauty on a woman. Whether it comes natural or through chemicals, I don't care. It would be nice if women didn't have to use chemicals in their hair--even if it means *gasp* using a weave--but until the day comes when ALL cosmetics are banned outright (yeah, right!), critics of this practice should enjoy a steaming hot cup of STFU and go about their own business. Unless your personal definition of beauty is to go au naturale, in which case: I applaud you.

And this also applies to men as well. Some men use makeup and hair products. Not yours truly, of course *ahem*. But I'm sure my deodorant, cologne, and contact lenses loosely qualify as aesthetic enhancements--i.e., cosmetics.

Anyway, check out the trailer above for "Good Hair," which was co-written and produced by Rock. It's even won an award at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and was nominated for another. It has HBO attached to it, so I'm sure I'll be seeing it on my cable channel in the near future.

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