Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Missing Our Lady

Today I started strongly reminiscing about Paris for no reason. I guess I miss it that much! I'm even researching the beginnings of another trip there, probably next year in the summer time. I would love to go this year in December, but Lisa is adamant about wanting to be in the City of Love when there are actually, you know, FLOWERS in bloom. So right now I'm aiming for mid to late June. We'll see if it happens (I hope so).

I'm beginning to find that I have an addiction to visiting places with HISTORY. The whole time I was in Paris, I just had this perpetual buzz about me. And, no, it wasn't all the wine I was drinking. Okay, not *just* the wine. But, yeah, I can't describe it adequately. It's like this giddiness comes over me at the thought of being on land that has been developed for over two thousand years with constant human habitation. Just imagining all the rich history that took place right under my feet is a head rush like no other!

What is it about old, richly historical sites that does this to me? It adds a whole other level to travelling, I think, beyond just the obvious touristy stuff. I close my eyes and imagine I am in another time, back when the rules of the world were much different than what they are today. It's very romantic in its own way.

Do you feel the same? What was the most historical and satisfying location you've been to? Did it leave you buzzing like me?

(the pic was taken on the left bank, along Quai de Montebello, near Pont Archeveche)


  1. Oh I loved the Cotswold and Stratsford on the Avon where Shakespeare was born. Amazing.

  2. Sounds amazing, Kim!

    I must remember to stop by there when we do our inevitable U.K. trip.


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