Monday, September 7, 2009

So, I Was Shaving Last Night . . .

Because I'm weird in that I can only shave at night time right before going to bed . . . and it occurred to me that I'm different from most guys (yeah, big surprise there). For some unexplained reason, I truly despise hair on my face. I think it makes me look unruly and unkempt. Sure, sometimes I allow a few day's growth to accumulate, but trust me this is purely out of laziness. Eventually it becomes unbearable and I *have* to put the razor to my skin.

Ahhhh, I *love* the feeling of a smooth, freshly-shaved face. It feels so clean and CIVILIZED! I'm so much a fan of the process that I've been thinking of going old school and purchasing a full shaving kit. I'm talking the real ones with the folding straight razor and leather strop and all!

Luckily for the safety of my face I haven't gone that far. I can only imagine the mishaps that would occur. I don't aspire to have my bathroom sink basin look like an abattoir, however, so perhaps for now I'll leave that purchase in the realm of wishful thinking.

But yeah, facial hair. Me. Ick! :)

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