Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Down With KGB? (Yeah You Know Me!)

I'm heading out to KGB in the village in a little while to sit in on my first ever Fantastic Fiction reading. Fantastic Fiction meets every third Wednesday of the month in the second floor of the famous KGB bar, where professional writers in the SF field come and read from their latest works. It's also a great meeting ground where various professionals in the field get to rub elbows with each other and fans, and maybe even have a pint (or three). The place gets fairly lively and crowded, so I'll be arriving a little early. Luckily it's a quick jaunt one stop over on the 6 train from where I work, so that's nice.

I'll be meeting up with two members of my online crit group, whom I've never met before in RL. Normally meeting people I've only previously known online is a source of nervousness on my part, but I'm looking forward to it this time. Should be fun!

And looks like this will be a week for meeting online friends in the flesh, as I'll also be seeing my longtime blog stalkee, friend, and newbie published writer, Cindy, at a private get-together in the city this weekend. I've followed Cindy for many years now via her blog, then through a limited e-mail friendship, and more recently (of course) through that ubiquitous of online social gathering sites -- Facebook!

Next week I might also be meeting a very old and only recently reunited (again, through FB) classmate of mine from back in the 4th grade! That's 23 years ago -- yikes!

All this is rather a big deal for me, as I'm notorious for being anti-social and tend only to a very small group of friends who I barely see enough of as it is. But I'm excited!

That's all for now. I'll update on the KGB experience when I get back.

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