Sunday, October 4, 2009

And The Post-Apocalyptica Love Affair Continues . . .

The Book of Eli movie trailer:

Okay, I gotta see this! I mean Denzel. Gary freakin Oldman. And this girl, Mila Kunis, who I actually don't think is all that bad in the few movies I've seen her in.

But more importantly--and you know me--this is yet another down and dirty, post-apocalyptic America, movie. Although this sub-genre has risen quickly to be one of my favorites, I'm starting to get worried that it's being overdone to death by Hollywood. The entertainment industry does this . . . it takes a good thing and then beats the dead horse bloody with it.

But you know what? I don't care! Keep on making 'em and I'll keep on watching 'em.

Check out the trailer for this one. It looks *really* good. I'm bummed that it's coming out in January, though. Makes me think the movie might have some problems that we don't know about. Because, let's face it, big movies of this ilk rarely come out in January and are successful. Except for Cloverfield.

Hmm, maybe that's the strategy?

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Ashe Hunt said...

Oh Yeah!!! This is a definite! This might make me find religion! Nah, nothings that good, but this is gonna be awesome! At least I hope so.

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