Monday, October 12, 2009

Loved The Book, Can't Wait To See The Movie

I don't know of any little kid in my generation who did NOT grow up reading the book, Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. It really took my imagination to far away places, which for me growing up in the South Bronx was very important.

Anyway, the film is being released this week. And, WOW, does it look good! I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling from looking at the trailers. Part of it is the nostalgia, but the other part is the fact that the creatures are not completely CGI, but rather a blend of it mixed with traditional animatronics by the Jim Henson Creature Shop folks. Rad!

Check out this cool video in which the author discusses his book and how much fun it was to find a kindred spirit in director Spike Jonze:

I know I'm an adult, but honestly I'll brave the hordes of screaming little kids and their annoying parents to catch this in theaters.

What a perfect Fall season treat!


  1. Interesting. I've never read this. Never even heard of it until I heard about the film a while ago. I should probably read it now.

  2. I have the book at home. It's very short and lite, but of course it's a children's story.

    And I thought everyone read this. It came out in the late 60s, I believe. It's up there with the Winnie the Pooh books. I remember it being featured on Reading Rainbow once, too! That might have been where I first saw it. And then I read it at my elementary school's library.

    Have you seen the trailer for it? Do a search on Youtube. I love the animatronic bodies and CGI faces for the "Wild Things." So awesome and true to the art of the book!


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