Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Trip To Corporate

I feel like a character from that NBC show, The Office. But yesterday I had to make a trip up to the Thomson Reuters headquarters in Times Square. The building I work at down in the Financial District is the old AT&T building. But for important company-wide meetings, we all head up to HQ on 42nd street.

Squeezed in there between the Chase bank building and the AT&T store is the entrance to Thomson Reuters. This used to be the Reuters building before they merged with us, Thomson Financial. I thought I took a clearer picture on my iPhone, but guess not. You can barely make out the corporate signage on the side of the entrance.

This was my first time in the building, and I have to say the interior is pretty sleek and modern, unlike our building downtown, which has a Greco-classical architectural theme replete with wide columns and vaulted ceilings. No, the inside of the Thomson Reuters building is like the interior of the Ugly Betty set--mirrors, lit glass panels, and large single-paned windows.

I didn't take any pictures of the interior, but I did take some of the breathtaking views from the 30th floor reception lounge:

All in all it was a mundane and superfluous meeting for managers. Since this is my first year in such capacity at my division, I took it very seriously. Too bad many others in attendance didn't seem to share the same respect. Honestly, WTF is up with all the Blackberry addiction running rampant? The guy sitting next to me would NOT stop texting during the entire meeting. Yes, it was a long 3 hours of sitting on hard chairs, but dayum! Put the crack-berry down, man!

Even worse was the way people started getting up and leaving near the tail end of the presentation. This is the period when the audience is allowed to ask questions. I'm sorry, but I think it's plain rude to just get up and walk out when your colleagues are in the middle of speaking. Luckily I wasn't one of the ones asking questions, or I would have stopped and told these people to sit the hell back down until I'm done. I felt bad for the presenters, who didn't quite seem to know what to make of the ruckus of so many people shuffling past and down the aisles at once.

And I have no idea where these people were rushing off too since we still had to head back to our offices and put in a half-day's work anyway. It's not as if we were being allowed to go home. Sheesh!

Anyway, that was my brief trip to corporate. I learned a lot about being an effective manager, and how to supervise certain situations that can arise within the workplace.

When I left the building and went to the nearest PAX Wholesome Foods for a sandwich, the cashier asked me if I worked in the vicinity so that she could apply a discount. I caught myself before I said "no" when I realized that--hey, yeah, I guess technically I *do* work around here. (heh, heh) Little did she know I would be heading straight for the subway after purchasing my sandwich and going downtown.

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