Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Son Of A---!

So I'm still researching for my upcoming "pretend" novel, as first mentioned here, when lo and behold a new idea for a short story pops into my head. Great, just what I don't need! I had specifically told myself not to do this. Put all short stories aside for the time being, I said. We need all the brain cells we can spare for the BIG daddy of projects.

But apparently my subconscious didn't get the memo between me and myself. I had the weirdest dream this morning, full of confusing imagery and suggestive themes. So, of course, my dreaming self thought: Hey, wake up! This would make a great story! And when I woke up, the sane side of me had to actually agree.

And so here I am. Because I couldn't get the really cool idea out of my head while I showered, I quickly hopped on the PC and wrote out the very first scene before work. It turned out pretty good. I just finished writing the second scene a little while ago, and now I'm well on my way.

So, the bad news is that my novelization is put on hold momentarily. The good news is, I'm still writing. Since this is only a short story, it will be over shortly (heh, heh--get it?). And then I can get back to this business of writing my book.

I can think of worst ways to be interrupted.

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