Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glad I'm Not The Only One

If you were around last week, you may remember I pretty much bitch-slapped this weekend's upcoming movie release, 2012, and ripped it a new one in the process. If not, click here for a refresher.

Well I'm glad to see that most intelligent people seem to be agreeing with me, as review after review has been lambasting this terrible dreck left and right. Even Tara Perry--aka, the Movie Maven--has expressed her disgust on what is sure to be a box office success amongst the dead-heads, waste-of-space teen male demographics this film is really aimed at. Check out the latest webisode of "The Movie Maven" below, in which Tara gushes over the DVD release of this year's Star Trek hit, before giving her not-so-candid opinion of Roland Emmerich's latest stinker. Her reaction says it all:

LOL! That's right, Tara! Don't even dignify this piece of crap with a mention. I wish there was some way I could organize a boycott of this movie, but kids need their mindless entertainment, they do.


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