Monday, November 2, 2009

Hilarity Ensues . . .

Last night's World Series game proved rather LOL-worthy, I must say. Especially this one play by the Yankees' Johnny Damon, who took advantage of the Phillies' defense abandoning 3rd base to steal it by way of 2nd base from 1st. Confused yet? You have to see it for yourself:

The play goes down in the history books as the first time any player has ever stolen 2 bases on 1 pitch during the World Series.

What were the Phillies thinking? It hurts even more that, because of this one gaffe, the Yanks ended up taking advantage of the pitcher, Lidge, and going on to take the lead for good that night.

Well, it hurts for Phillies fans, I should say. (haha!)

As a Yankee fan, I'm in the envious catch-22 position of wanting my team to close out this series as fast as possible (tonight), but at the same time desiring that they close it out at home (Wednesday night). Honestly, either one will do at this point. If they do it on the road, we'll have a great parade down the Canyon of Heroes in which to celebrate! Since I work right smack dab in the middle of said Canyon, this will be quite an enjoyable experience for me this year if they pull it off.


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