Friday, November 20, 2009

Reliving The Memories

I mentioned the other day that the God of War Collection was now out in stores, providing PS3 owners with the chance to play the first two games in the series in preparation for the release of God of War 3 next spring.

Well, I've been playing the first game again over the last few days, this time in unbelievable high-def quality. Well, okay, I'm being a little over-enthused here. The HD stuff is nice, but the game still looks and plays like last gen. Which is okay, no one said it wouldn't. However, compared to the actual PS2 copy, which I do own, there is definitely a noticeable improvement. It sucks that the cutscenes are not in high-def, though. But what can you do? The cutscenes were always ahead of their time back in 2005 anyway, so they don't look THAT bad. And it's more important that the gameplay itself is at 720p HD anyway. The 2x anti-aliasing helps make the standard 480p cutscenes look smoother at least, which is something.

Anyway, playing my favorite game of the PS2-era again just got me thinking of all the fond memories I had back in the spring of 2005. As I mentioned before, things were just starting to look up for me when this game came along. I had a new lease on life, and I was in fact getting married later that year. And all these crazy emotions going on during this time period just came flooding back while revisiting the game this week. Wow!

See why gaming shouldn't be dismissed so flippantly by parents and other non-gamers? It really can have an important place in someone's life. I'm living proof!

Anyway, in honor of my reawakened passion for all things God of War related (I've been listening to the soundtracks continuously now), I'm embedding the two most popular 30-second tv spots that used to air during the first game's release. I don't know if you can tell just from looking at these how much AWESOME was conveyed about the game, but at the time these were HUGE. The fact that these commercials would play so many times, in addition to positive word-of-mouth, definitely had to contribute to the record-breaking sales which followed:



It's friggin great how they used the in-game recordings--both the dialogue AND the musical score--to accentuate the footage. Can you see why I love the soundtrack so much?

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