Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Major Snow Of The Season!

NYC, like most of the East Coast, got walloped with a huge snow storm yesterday. We got a whole 11 inches here in the city. Whoa! Because of the low-light conditions, I didn't take any pictures until this morning--when most of the major shoveling had already been done.

Funny, last year we got our first snow at roughly the same time: Tuesday, Dec. 16 to be precise. I blogged about the event (with pics) here. Of course, that snow was nothing compared to this one. We barely got an inch then. Contrast that with last night, and I wonder if this portends a much more turbulent winter this season.

Oh, I do hope so! Nothing I love more than seeing the city grind to a halt under a huge avalanche of snow. I hope we get lots and lots more in the coming months. *fingers crossed*

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