Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robin Hood Trailer - OH MY GAWD!!!

I swear, is there no better director out there than Ridley Scott? Of course, I think I've about had enough of his collaborating with Russell Crowe, though. Haven't you?

Still, the man is a fine actor, so I can't really knock the relationship too hard. And judging by this teaser trailer for the upcoming Robin Hood historical hitting theaters next Summer, it's a pairing that obviously WORKS so well!

Wow, color me impressed. I still have a soft spot for the Kevin Costner-starring Prince of Thieves released back in the early 90s, but this is looking to be the most definitive Robin Hood portrayal yet! Woo-hoo! I really can't get enough of the tale . . . no matter how many times they re-imagine it.

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