Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey, Another Karate Kid Trailer!

I talked about the new Karate Kid movie starring Will Smith's son, Jaden, a while back in this post. I had also posted the first official trailer with the news, and made my usual comments. Suffice to say I'm still stoked beyond belief to catch this when it comes out in June.

I already posted this on Facebook, but I had to put it here for posterity. You can check out the second trailer below, which reveals more scenes between Jackie Chan and Jaden:

I absolutely *LOVE* this trailer! It is so awesome how serious they seem to be taking the material. The cinematography, the story, the choreography . . . it's all clicking in a good way. Not at all the cheesy mess I had originally thought it would be.

Still, I'm a little surprised at the amount of negativity these trailers are being met with by jaded ass-hat message board members. Over at, they can't stop ragging on the film. A lot of it seems to be based on ignorance. I don't think anyone there has actually watched the trailers. They're just bashing the movie based on their own suppositions. Which is weird. Click on the link if you want to read my own contribution to the discussion. I'm under an alias, but those who know me should know which commenter I am.

I have to wonder, though: is all the animosity really because they just can't stand the thought of a Karate Kid movie starring a young black actor? Hmmmm, maybe. I would hope not, but you never can tell. If the kid was some up-and-coming young white thesp, would these complainers be willing to cut him more slack? I don't know why everyone is writing Jaden Smith off. Everything I've seen him  in has indicated he is a solid actor who might just one day be big. Not as big as his daddy, perhaps. But you never know.

Some of the complaints are so tired, though. Like the complaint about the title having the word "karate" in it despite the setting being in China where kung-fu is the name of the game. I admit, I had my peevish moment or two over the same subject . . . but now I'm finding out some interesting tidbits of information. For one, Jaden's character is supposed to know some Karate. He learned it while in Detroit. Second, it seems he tries to use what little Karate he knows to defend himself against the wu-shu trained bullies at his new school in Beijing.

Given this revelation into the story, it now makes total sense to have the name of the movie still retain the "Karate Kid" moniker despite the fact that the martial art being showcased this time is Kung-Fu. See, the title is ironic. He technically is a "karate kid" because that's all he knows at the start of the movie. But what Jackie Chan will teach him in order to overcome his fears is kung-fu. And as the trailer shows, learning real kung-fu is not about learning to throw punches.

I mean, wow! Can it get any more moving than that? I get goosebumps seeing Chan's scenes in the trailer. I think anyone who simply writes off this movie as being "yet another boring remake" is doing themselves a disservice. Give the trailers a watch, and then come back and tell me what you think.

For the record, I'm usually very much against remakes. But in this case, I don't think this qualifies as a remake. More like a re-imagining, but even that doesn't quite capture it. I just think it should be viewed as a standalone film. Yes, the title is there to evoke a connection with the first trio of films starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. But, at the same time, the title also works much better for the irony implied.

And that, my friends, gives me high hopes that this won't just be your typical run-of-the-mill Hollywood money maker scheme.

One can only hope.


thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

well, one shall not judge based on the trailer itself... what matters most is the movie... personally, i dont really have high hopes on jackie chan movies nowadays...

David Batista said...

It's true I haven't liked a movie of his since the 2nd Drunken Master one. But I have high hopes for his performance in this movie.

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