Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Video Purchases For The Week

Stepped across the street to J & R Music World during my lunch break today and purchased two new releases hitting this week:


This is just a damn fun movie about Zombies taking over the entire planet and a bunch of human survivors trying to keep one step ahead of becoming their lunch. Good family entertainment for all. Actually, gratuitous violence, gore, and brief nudity (zombie nudity at that!) aside, this is actually quite humorous and accessible even to people who are not big fans of zombie movies. I liked it so much, I saw it twice in theaters! And I've read that the Blu-ray version is so good as to be demo quality. Not like I wasn't going to buy it anyway, but that's a nice bonus.

She-Wolf of London

OH. MY. GOD!!!! I can't believe this show has finally seen the light of day! It's about an American grad student who travels to England to study mythology, when she ends up lost on the moors one night and is attacked by a lycanthrope. As you can see, the story draws a parallel more with the cult film An American Werewolf in London than it did the original She-Wolf of London movie from the 1940s.

But original premise or not, I still loved the hell out of this show. I never missed it. The series only lasted one season back in 1990, but I was a tried and true fan at the tender age of 14 (yes, I just dated myself I know). I bring up my age in order to explain my next point: Kate Hodge!

I had a MASSIVE huge crush on this actress at the time. She plays the grad student, Randi Wallace. I don't quite know why today, but she simply drove me crazy! Ah, the thoughts I would go to sleep with (wouldn't YOU like to know?)

And it's not like I had any weird werewolf fantasies or anything. In fact, the werewolf is my least favorite horror trope, down their with zombies (bet you could never have guessed that last, but it's true).

But, yeah, a completely un-hairy Kate Hodge was something I enjoyed looking at on a weekly basis. And at the time I was willing to overlook the whole "turning into a monster every full moon thing." Which, of course, is a not too clever allegory to another womanly transformation once every 28 days, and something men have had to deal with since time immemorial. Although my wife's never actually tried to rip my head off and drink my blood during this delicate time.

Not yet, anyway.

But yeah, Kate Hodge. I wonder, where is she now?

I remember there was another show like this airing around the same time. It was called Dracula: The Series. Does anyone remember this? Like She-Wolf, this was also filmed in Europe (Germany instead of England), which gave both shows such a distinctive visual edge over other factory-cranked genre tv shows coming out of Hollywood at the time. And also like She-Wolf, it dealt with another shopworn horror trope: Vampires! But it was a cool show. One that I miss very much. Now that She-Wolf is finally on DVD, dare I hope Dracula might be coming next? All Google searches come up foggy on this point. Along with Kung-fu: The Legend Continues, I might be waiting a LONG time to add this to my home library.

Oh, poo!


Kim Kasch said...

I don't buy a lot of movies. I did get a kick out of Zombieland but I don't think I'd watch it a second time. Hardly ever do that.

The only shows I've watched more than once on purpose were The Wizard of Oz and It's A Wonderful Life and Salem's Lot - only because the first Salem's Lot sucked ;) the second was better but the book was by far the best.

I'm looking forward to The Wolf Man. Have to see that one.

David Batista said...

I actually hate the original Wolfman film. Even as a kid I thought the transformation effect was far too passive and cheesy looking. Nothing at all like the transformation in An American Werewolf in London, with scared me shitless at the age of 7. :)

Ashe Hunt said...

WOW! I forgot all about this show. I still didn't know what it was until I saw the image capture of her in the transformation. I do remember Dracula though. If they put this one out I would think they have plans to put that one out, too. Would be nice.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

i enjoyed zombieland too... especially the part when the neighbour turned zombie lolz...
but definitely won't watch it a 2nd time... ^_^

David Batista said...

Aww, too bad. I thoroughly enjoyed Zombieland. I would watch it again and again. :)

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