Monday, March 1, 2010

Some New Highlander Sites To Visit While In Paris

As I've mentioned before, we'll be heading to Paris for a second time in a little under three weeks from now. If some of you recall, I posted a blog entry of some of the filming locations for Highlander: The Series I visited during our first trip to the "city of lights" last year. You can find that report (with pics) by clicking here.

Well, I've been trying to compile a new list of sites to visit for this second trip. Watching some season 1 and 2 episodes last night with my best bud, Tarrell--and while drinking absinthe, no less!--I was inspired to track down some of the locations based only on my own memory of the city and whatever clues we could glean from these episodes.

I would like to share with you right now some of the preliminary results of my research:


In the comments section of my first Highlander Tour trip report, a reader named James asked me if I knew the location that the barge was moved to during the 2nd season when the river Seine flooded over its banks. I didn't know the answer at the time, and no amount of Googling could get me any closer to knowing. But after watching Unholy Alliance II--the episode where Mac returns to Paris only to find his barge moved and Maurice squatting in it--I was finally able to use the background geography and trusty ole Google Maps to pinpoint the location. I always knew the barge had to have been moved to one of the canals that drain off the main Seine tributary, but I didn't realize just how far back up the canals it had gone. And now I do. The "Bassin de la Villette" is a little reservoir located further north and east above the St. Martin canal near the outskirts of Paris. The nearest metro stop is the "Stalingrad" station. The barge itself was moored along the Quai de la Seine, pictured in the above photo. Thanks to the "street view" function in Google maps, I was able to match up the same bridge and buildings as can be viewed in the background of many episodes during the second season. This pic I pulled off the Net, but best believe that when I go to Paris I will be making a special trip to this place and taking my own personal pics. Also, I can't tell for sure, but it looks like another location is within steps of this same spot: I'm talking about the watery tunnels that Fitzcairn rushes into and faces Kalas in the episode "Star Crossed." If so, then I'll kill two Highlander location with one stone. Kewl!!!


This church is actually very close to St. Julien's--aka "Darius's Church"--in the Latin Quarter, which I had visited for my first trip report. I just never realized its significance to Highlander lore until watching the 1st season episode "For Evil's Sake" yet again last night. This is the church with the doorway that Macleod and Kuyler stand in while discussing how much they want to kill each other. Nice topic to chat about at a church, but when you're Immortal, holy ground is the only place to have such uncivil debates. Anyway, there's also a restaurant right down the alley in back of the church that was used in the scene where one of Kuyler's assassin mimes shoots an old judge in the head. The restaurant has changed owners, name, and facade since then, but it's still a part of Highlander history if you ask me. Another kewl tidbit about St. Severin is that I *think* it just may be the same location used in another 1st season episode, "Avenging Angel". This was the episode where Alfred Cahill rushes to a nearby church and "dies" before discovering he is really an Immortal. He then returns to the church later when he deludes himself into believing he is a crusader sent by God. I don't know if St. Severin is indeed that same church, but look at this exterior shot of the church's courtyard and tell me those aren't the same arches under which Mac discovers Cahill's body:


This location was definitely used in "Avenging Angel," the same 1st season episode I just discussed above. I had meant to go searching for it on my own last time we were in Paris, but completely forgot. But now I know exactly where it is, and so stay tuned for a more "in the field" photo to crop up in my second Highlander trip report. This spot is actually to the west of the Gare de l'Est terminal, along rue d'Alsace. You can see the platforms and rail queues in the background. I plan to pose right in the same spot as Mac and Cahill in the above photo when Lisa takes my picture. I'll be sure to take an angle of the wonderful double-sided, winding staircase that leads up to this perch as well. These are the steps on which Mac and Cahill fight off some mob goons before Cahill runs off to cause more mayhem.

So, as you can see, I'm slowly amassing a list of places to visit while in this wonderful city. I love adding to my growing knowledge base of Highlander: The Series filming locations. Keep checking this space for updates to this list as I do. My original Highlander Walking Tour post still generates most of my site's daily traffic to this day, so I owe it to the fans to keep it up.

Hey, it's not as altruistic as it sounds. This is really for my own personal delight, after all. But if you are a fan of the show and will be in Paris sometime in the near future, then I'm doing this for you, too! Au revoir!


  1. I'll tell Luke 'cuz all my guys love the Highlander stuff.

  2. Thanks, Kim! Be sure to point him in the direction of my original Highlander walking tour post from last year. I link to it in the body of this current entry.

  3. I am sooooooo beyond envious that you are going to go back and get to see more. Take tons of picks!!

  4. I most certainly will! You know me, not taking enough pics has never been my shortcoming. :)

  5. hello. do you know where duncan's barge is these days? is it still in paris?

  6. I'm almost certain the barge no longer exists, if I remember correctly. Trust me, if it were still in Paris I would have found it.


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