Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Plotting . . .

For those of you wondering about my progress on the "practice novel" as first mentioned here -- don't worry, I'm still chugging along.

I know I said I would start writing the darn thing on the first of the month, but actually I'm still outlining/plotting. I'm not stuck or anything, just taking things very carefully. The whole point of preparing my notes before I write is so that I minimize as many inevitable errors as I can right now, when the plotting is more fluid. But things are slowly falling in to place and I can begin to see the overall picture and tone of the story I want to tell.

In other words, I've not given up yet. If anything, I'm getting more and more psyched for this novel as I plan it. I'm discovering that I'm really liking the scope of freedom writing a novel affords over a short story. So many fun and interesting story threads I get to weave together! With multiple POVs and thematic arcs aplenty.

Now if I can just pull it all off . . .

In any event, I will keep updating on my progress, including when I eventually start the actual writing of the novel. After that, I'll probably keep mums on the affair as I doubt I'll be updating this blog much during that time period.

I won't completely disappear, to be sure. You'll still get a musing or observation on every day life here and there. Maybe even the occasional movie review or two. But, yeah, once I get truly cracking on this thing, I think even my own wife won't be seeing much of me.



  1. By the way, I give you full permission to create a character for your novels (note I said plural) based on me, provided they are either really high tech (like a hacker or some such) or a powerful wizard. And if you see fit to kill the char, make it be in a COOL way!

  2. That's called "Tucker"-izing someone, in the grand parlance of SF-dom, btw. Which many writers do. So, yeah, I'll definitely do that some time.

    Maybe not in this story, since it takes place in 15th century Romania and all. But it would be cool to use your name and/or likeness in a sci-fi novel or story. Definitely!


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