Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm Gonna Burn That Poison Right Outta My Skin . . .

Had a fun time with my best bud last night getting toasted on aged single malt whiskey, imported beers, and watching old Highlander episodes. Didn't finally get to bed until the sun rose and the birds were already chirping, and woke up only 5 hours later feeling a little dizzy and maybe just a tad hungover.

So what did I do?

Really, the only sensible thing someone should do in such a situation: I went for a 10k run! Oh yeah, did I mention it was 85 degrees out today, too?

Suffice to say, all that poison water got evaporated out of my tired body with the quickness! Wow, I never would've thought that strenuous cardio could clear one's head so quickly. Just minutes into my run I could feel the fog clearing away from my brain and those endorphins starting to pump. By the time I was through, I was wide awake and feeling in tip-top shape!

Hmm, have I discovered the perfect hangover cure? Well, maybe not. Obviously I wasn't falling down, pissing-my-pants drunk. I never would've been able to find my own feet let alone place them before each other in a rhythmic fashion conducive to running laps if I was. But for the mild buzz after a night of drinks? Yeah, maybe.

Now, I know how much most people hate running. Hey, I hate it too. Trust me. I'm definitely not a poster boy for the American runner, or whatever. But damn if it doesn't have all sorts of useful benefits. WOO-HOO!!!


  1. Hey David, I think you've rediscovered one of the worst-kept secrets of the drinking classes.

    I've lost count of how many times I read in lists of hangover cures that a high-energy workout does wonders for the worse-for-wear.

    And I put it into practice many times in my university days, with an evening on the town sorted out by a 7am rowing outing, followed by a hearty breakfast before lectures.

    Of course I was younger then. I don't think my body would thank me for that kind of abuse nowadays :-)

  2. Wait a second, exercise has positive health benefits? That can't be right... You'd think a doctor or some university researcher would have done a study or something.

    I'll remain skeptical on this until further work is done. :-)

  3. Well, I mean health benefits for those who feel like the waking dead after a hard night doing one's best to assassinate one's liver. :) Not that I was drinking *that* hard or anything. But I think this would work for any inebriated state of mind.

    Oh, and Ian -- So, you're saying that this a tried and true cure already given the scientific method by previous generations of academicians? Why am I *not* surprised? :)


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