Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Movie Review: The Losers

So, as I mentioned in that "brief" (hyuk, hyuk!) video blog entry over the weekend, we went to see the movie "The Losers" Saturday night. Thank god something told me to avoid the Times Square theater we usually go to, and instead we went to Union Square. Because, as you might have heard, we had ourselves a little pesky run-of-the-mill bomb scare that night. While we would never had been in any danger, that area is already annoying enough without an army of police, bomb squads, and reporters swarming all over the place. So yeah, good call on my part, that.

Anyway, I said this would be quick and so it shall:

The Losers. Great, awesome fun movie! Watch the trailer here to judge your interest in this for yourself. I want to see it again. It's so cool seeing another comics based film do well in just the span of 1 week. First Kick-Ass, and now this. And of course we have Iron Man 2 later this week. I'm in comic-geek HEAVEN!

The Losers is like a poor-man's A-Team, but in a good way. Almost the same concept, definitely the same team chemistry and fun! Again, just as with his turn as the Torch in the Fantastic Four films, Chris Evans made this movie for me. He was just so ridiculously hilarious! Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a heck of a lot more likable in this than he was as the Comedian in Watchmen. Idris Elba had a surprisingly nuanced and meaty role, which isn't at first apparent. And Zoe Saldana was just . . . well, Zoe Saldana! Boy, the things I would like to do to her if I weren't already --

But I am, so I won't. And not that I could even if I weren't. :)

Anyway, check this film out if you like fun "caper" type action movies involving highly trained ex-military units having things go BOOM! in order to make the world a better place.

And if you can find them, maybe you can hire the . . .

Oh wait! That's another movie for another discussion at another time. My bad.

Rating:   8/10

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