Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Still busy planning stuff for our 11-night, 7-port Mediterranean cruise only 4 weeks away. I now have everything squared away with tours for: Istanbul, Ephesus (also in Turkey), Athens, and Naples. Now all I need to do is figure out things for Rome, Santorini, and Mykonos.

Rome should be fairly easy. I need to purchase tickets beforehand for the Colosseum and Vatican City, which I hope may also include the Sistine Chapel. Everything else in Rome will be a simple walk to and from for us.

Santorini and Mykonos, the two Greek isles on our itinerary, are proving to be a little more difficult. I was hoping to visit this awesome ancient archaeological site on Santorini, only to find out that it has been closed to visitors for several years now due to an accident involving a tourist there. They've been promising to open it up again for the past two years, and each time the date keeps getting pushed back. So I had to scratch that off the list. The only option left now is to go to the beach or walk through the main town and go shopping. Ugh and double Ugh!!!

Mykonos seems to be nothing but beaches and nightlife. Two things I can do without on this trip. But, I figure I should at least put in a showing at one of these beaches. You know, take a dip in the Mediterranean just so that I can say that I have. I'll also be able to add it to the list of major bodies of water I've swam in during my lifetime. So far that list includes: the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

So for the two islands, it might just be that I won't plan anything. We'll simply get off the ship and walk around looking at whatever there is to see. Santorini has volcanic black sand beaches, so the novelty of it will be interesting. Mykonos has decent shopping and a huge gay scene, the latter of which naturally doesn't apply to or holds much interest for us.

So, yeah, we'll probably just wing those two. Unless anyone reading this has been to both islands and can make any recommendations.


In the meantime, I need to get started on learning my basic Italian phrases. We'll only be in Rome for two days, and in Naples for one, but I always wanted to learn Italian. And now I have an excuse to start!


  1. Wow sounds like fun!

    Hope you have a wonderful time :)

  2. Good luck with the Italian, David. Ali & I always reckoned we should learn Italian because it looks such an expressive language to have an argument in :-)

  3. That's true, Ian. I need to be prepared for the hand gestures. That's something they simply can't teach you in books or audio CDs.

    Hopefully my basic Spanish will come in handy. I predict this will be easier for me to pick up than French was last year. The Italian greetings are certainly rolling of the tongue so far. It really is quite similar to Spanish.


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