Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny How My Mind Works

Way back in February I mentioned purchasing the complete DVD box set of the tv series, She-Wolf of London. I recalled how this was a favorite of mine back when it first aired during my early teenage years.

Well, I just decided to finally crack it open and take a stroll down memory lane over the weekend . . . and, damn, it still holds up! Yeah, it's painfully corny at many points -- don't get me wrong. But somehow I find myself still being sucked in by the atmosphere and the charm of the main actors.

Oh, and I still have a ridiculous crush on 1990's era Kate Hodge, the lead in the show. Wow!

Anyway, halfway through the episodes now, I began to reminisce on all the horror shows I used to watch growing up. One episode of She-Wolf in particular reminded me strongly of a show who's title I could not remember. The only details I could dredge up from my foggy memory banks was of yet another attractive female lead, and that the setting was some sort of old book or antique shop. I remember that the characters would encounter a strange, horror- or fantasy-themed incident every week -- very similar to the general set-up of She-Wolf, but airing a few years earlier.

As I stated before, I couldn't remember the name of the show for the life of me! But I did recall that it had something to do with a famous horror movie series, while not actually being related at all to said series. I thought it might have been called "Halloween: the series," but subsequent Google searches turned up nothing. Then I thought: come on, David, what other big horror movie series were out in the 80s? A Nightmare on Elm Street? The series? Nah, that just didn't feel right to me.

So, of course, that only left one more. I couldn't believe I waited until last when it should have been my first choice: Friday the 13th! Bingo!

I didn't even have to do a search, for as soon as the the name came into my head the memories all flooded back. I could see the show's title right there in my mind's eye. The opening sequence, the faces of the main characters -- even the music of the opening credits! It was suddenly as clear as day.

How the hell does that HAPPEN?

Btw, you can click here to watch the introduction yourself. Does it bring back memories?

Anyway, now I feel much better. This was the show I had been struggling to remember all day today. I looked it up and found that the series aired for 3 seasons from 1987 to 1990. Whoa! A bit older than I remembered it being. Means I was in my tweens when it started. I also discovered that all 3 seasons are out on DVD. I've already put the first season on my wishlist. It will have to wait until I finish She-Wolf, though, which I feel is starting to decline in quality as the series drags on.

Oh, poo!

Well at least I still have Kate Hodge to drool over:

Can you say . . .YUM?!!!


  1. I remember those hair-dos from the '80s - they should have been hair-don'ts

  2. LOL! I kind of like them, actually. Especially when the gal is easy on the eyes like Canadian model/singer/actress, Louise Robey, the lead in the Friday the 13th show. Just look at all that red hair! :)

  3. Funny that I read this today. I was just going to tell you about a show on SciFi (I refuse to write it the new way) called Warehouse 13 that seems like a modern update of Friday the 13th the series. I watched a marathon of them today. I'll be following the show from now on. Friday the 13th was one of my favorites. Can't believe it took you all day to remember. ;-)


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