Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because, Danny Trejo Has To Eat . . .

Back in 2007, Grindhouse was released in theaters -- a double-feature bill directed by both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino as a testimony to their love of the schlocky exploitation B-movies of the 60s and 70s. To round out the whole retro feel of the project, 4 "fake" trailers were attached to simulate an actual Saturday afternoon matinée -- complete with film grain and burn-ins on the stock. It was awesome!

One of the phony trailers was for a movie that just looked way over the top, starring RR's favorite go-to guy, Danny Trejo. It was called "Machete" and perfectly encapsulated the tongue-in-cheek tone of one of the two Grindhouse feature films, Planet Terror. At the time the trailer was never meant to be taken seriously, but it went over so well with audiences that RR decided to give more attention to the thought of actually making this his next real feature film.

And, now ladies and gentlemen, that day has come.

"Machete" -- very much real, large and in charge -- will be coming to a theater near you in the coming weeks. The official trailer was just released last week, and I have to say I'm impressed with how close in tone it still remains to the previous "fake" trailer. With a few surprise faces added to the cast to boot!

As an interesting study, I've included both trailers below. First the phony one from Grindhouse, followed by the real one just released. Keep in mind that this is a movie made purposely to be over-the-top with copious amounts of blood, sex, and violence. Not unlike last year's critically acclaimed, but woefully under-appreciated indie action flick, "Black Dynamite".

I've always been a Danny Trejo fan and a huge supporter of Robert Rodriguez's films, so needless to say I going to be there on opening day.

How about you?

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