Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Highlander On Blu-ray -- Oh HELLS To The YEAH!!!

I don't know how I missed this notice yesterday, but IGN.com is reporting that, on November 2 this year (incidentally, my brother's birthday -- too bad he's not as big of a fan as I am), Lionsgate will finally release a Blu-ray edition of the very first Highlander movie starring Christophe Lambert.

You can read more of the details by clicking on this link.

They're also releasing Highlander 2 on Blu-ray as well, but that's not even worth contemplating right now. Because, as you know, the very first movie that came out in 1986 is DA SHIT!!! I absolutely love this film above all others. It is my be all and end all of my entire 30-odd years of movie watching. I've owned several versions of this film going all the way back to the original crappy VHS copy which I purchased in 1993, and ending with the Anchor Bay "Immortal Edition" DVD from a few years back. The last one, I had thought at the time, was the EPITOME of what this movie should look and sound like. But I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

See, I've known for some time now that this movie was already available on Blu-ray on the international market. Most notably, the UK edition. However, because I couldn't find any reviews of it at the time, I didn't want to risk importing that version and ending up with a steaming pile of poo on my hands. I wasn't worried about regional lockout, since that's something Blu-ray players almost completely got rid of. But, you know, you never can tell with foreign imports. Well, in this one case I was totally off, and now I see that I've suffered for it. Apparently the UK edition is the absolute most PERFECT version of this movie ever to exist. I had no idea!

Here, click on this link to read Andrew Mogford over at AVForums explain it better. I'll copy & paste a brief snippet of his review below to whet your appetite:

"Now, it has to be said that if you are not a veteran of previous Highlander releases you may not understand why I am waxing so lyrical about this transfer. But anyone who has seen the film before, I am confident will be completely blown away by what Optimum have achieved here. Despite my long experience with Blu-rays, I can honestly never say up to now I have seen a long cherished movie with completely new eyes. But I have here."

My GOD! This sounds fantastic, doesn't it? What's so alarming is that he mentions how inferior the Immortal Edition is compared to this Blu-ray, and that's completely blowing my mind. Because, like I said, I thought that DVD would be my last ever purchase of this film -- it was *that* good. But now I'm tempted to just import the UK edition Blu-ray right this minute!

But, no, I'll hold off for the time being and cross my fingers that the U.S. version coming out in November is every bit as good. If not, I can always go back and get the one Andrew is raving about here.

What do you think?

And btw . . . Tarrell . . . you know we're going to have to have a Highlander party at my house the day this releases, right? The Absinthe and Scotch will be a-flowin! Just saying.

EDIT: I thought I throw in this video of the awesome prologue to the movie, as narrated by the one and only Sean Connery. Oooh -- raises goosebumps, it does!


  1. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!!! It's ON! I can't wait for this. I just bought a new bottle of Absinthe, too. I think I'ma have to get a new bottle of single Malt just for this, too. We are the Princes of the Universe!


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